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We are pleased to make it convenient for you to order replacement parts for your SunStar heaters. You could be assured that you will be purchasing genuine SunStar replacement parts. All parts carry manufacturers SKU numbers. Should you have any problems finding a certain part number, we're glad to help. Just tell us the model number of your SunStar heater and any information you have about the item you're looking for, and we'll find it for you.

Don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff in Charlotte, North Carolina.

About Us

SunStar Heating Products, Inc., is a North Carolina Corporation founded in 1987 in Charlotte, NC. All SunStar® products are manufactured for and sold by SunStar Heating Products, Inc.

Our company’s principal U.S. business is the manufacture and distribution of gas-fired heating equipment.  SunStar has most of its products design certified by either CSA or U.L.


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