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Replacement Parts for Your SunStar Heaters

SunStar Heating Products in Charlotte, North Carolina, is your alternate source for both for your SunStar Residential, Industrial/Commercial heater parts.


SunStar offers high quality and cost efficient heaters for residential as well as industrial/commercial applications.  Whether you are looking for a new residential gas room heater, a patio heater or a heavy duty industrial infrared heater, SunStar has the product you need. For further info visit www.sunstarheaters.com.

Replacement Parts Guide

The parts we carry are genuine SunStar OEM replacement parts. There are about 260 different types of parts for SunStar heaters. Please click replacement guides below for further information or Shop Now to purchase your replacement parts.

SIR Replacement Parts Guides

SIS/U Replacement Parts Guides

SPS/U Replacement Parts Guides

SG Replacement Parts Guides

SGM Replacement Parts Guides

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For additional information about our replacement parts, contact us.